Sergio Novas Tejero


The publication reviewed here is the result of the efforts of a group of experts belonging to the network “Tecnologías Sociales y Producción Social del Hábitat”, part of the Latin-American Science and Technology Development Programme (CYTED). The book provides a theoretical transdisciplinary approach to understanding the processes of production of building space, offering alternative strategies of intervention and evaluation. It presents a variety of methods, techniques and tools for its application in different contexts. The topics addressed revolve around three fundamental issues: participation, as a democratic and socially equitable way of intervening in the decision-making process; the social production of habitat, as a proposal to look for ways of improving the conditions in which the least-favored groups of society produce their habitat; participatory planning, as the tool with which technical personnel, professionals, and other actors can be incorporated in the social production process of the habitat.


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