The formation of development professionals

Luciano Carrino


Being a doctor is not enough to know how to organise good health services, nor is being an engineer sufficient to know how to construct beautiful and humanised buildings, and so on. All sectoral professions contribute to the general development of society but the formation of specialised professionals ­­-be they doctors, engineers and so on- does not appear to take account of this fact; therefore numerous professionals work out of touch with reality, in a rigid, bureaucratic way, without cooperating with each other. But summing a multitude of sectoral professions doesn’t result in a coherent strategy for complex issues such as poverty, inequalities, violence and environmental degradation. These issues require a well-coordinated and converging approach of all actors of society. This is why every specialised training should necessarily come after an introduction to sustainable development in order to orient the specific subjects towards the overarching goals and the integrated approach set out in the UN 2030 Agenda.


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International cooperation; Sustainable development; UN 2030 Agenda

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