Local economic development agencies: training laboratories within the framework of local development

Massimo Fortunato, Lara Mannu, Andrea Marciandi, Giulia Rucireta


This article analyses the René Cassin Award as an initiative professional formation within Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) and suggests how these can be considered as laboratories for the formation of young local development professionals from the perspective of how LEDAs contribute to sustainable development. By analysing LEDAs’ experience, we try to outline their potential to promote personal, professional, social, institutional, economic and political development.

The creation of practical skills, combined with a strong theoretical and intellectual framework, produces the conditions for a triangular development that includes the territory, local institutions and the management of human resources in a multidisciplinary and multicultural context. The exchange that takes place between the different actors generates a participatory and inclusive practice with respect to the theory of development cooperation.

Through this collective effort, the authors support the new proposal of KIP International School and several universities to formalise a network of laboratories, linking experiences such as these with local universities. This first-hand case study helps to give depth and clarity to the analysis, thus providing the readers with a solid foundation of practical evidence.


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Local development; Sustainable development; International cooepration

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