Vol 7, No 1 (2019)

Participation and local development: forming a new generation of development leaders

The articles published in this issue of Universitas Forum are based both on the contributions presented by several speakers at the seminar organized by the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia- Romagna Region and KIP International School titled: Participation, Local Development and Training of Young Leaders and on a further experience of participatory research grounded in a reciprocal relationship between university researchers and territorial actors in Winnipeg, Canada.

Together they represent experiences that are components of a strategy for forming a new generation of development leaders and for renewing the relationship between the university and the local territory that includes multi-actor participatory research on issues central to its social and economic development, drawing on the knowledge produced to innovate the university teaching curriculum and providing opportunities for significant practical experience for young graduates to complement the academic process and create openings for future employment.

Table of Contents


Sara Swartz

Critical Concepts

Luciano Carrino
Angelo Stefanini

In Practice

Sambou Ndiaye
Shauna MacKinnon
Leonardo Draghetti
Massimo Fortunato, Lara Mannu, Andrea Marciandi, Giulia Rucireta
Alessandra Pierella
Clara Csilla Romano
Rossana Mengozzi