Vol 2, No 2 (2011)

Special thematic issue on the integration of complementary and traditional medicine in public health systems

The views expressed in this journal are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Universitas Programme, the KIP Initiative or the associated UN Organizations.


Table of Contents


Sara Swartz

Critical Concepts

Edgar Morin
Lourdes Xitumul Piox
Sergio Giani, Rokia Sanogo

Policy Documents

International Workshop: Innovation and Development in Health: Integration of CTM in Public Health Systems

In Practice

Zhang Qi, Zhu Liming, Wim van Lerberghe
M. Krishnapriya Premachandra
Elio Rossi, Mariella Di Stefano, Sonia Baccetti, Fabio Firenzuoli, Lorenzo Roti, Monica Da Frè, Martha Perez Viña, Vuk Stambolovich
N. Gqaleni, T. Hlongwane, C. Khondo, M. Mbatha, S. Mhlongo, N. Ngcobo, V.T. Mkhize, N. Mtshali, R. Pakade, R.A. Street
Piero Coppo, Ogobara Kodio, Aissata Nantoumé


Elena Puglisi
Adelaide Bela Agostinho