Vol 3, No 2 (2012)

Co-constructing public policy for the social and solidarity economy

Editorial committee for this special issue: Gilda Esposito, Italy; Haram Sidibé, Mali; Sara Swartz, Canada (coordinator)

Editorial administration: Giulia Malagoli and Mariapaola Pietracci Mirabelli, Universitas Programme, Italy

The views expressed in this journal are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Universitas Programme, the KIP International School or the collaborating organizations.

Table of Contents


Universitas Forum
Marguerite Mendell

Critical Concepts

Neil Bradford
C.H. Nelson, M.L. Stroink
Mathieu de Poorter
Marguerite Mendell, Rocío Nogales
Roger Spear

In Practice

Marco Velasco Olivarez
Ana Maria Dubeux, Ana Mercedes Sarria Icaza, Alzira Josefa De Siqueira Medeiros, Gabriela Cavalcanti Cunha, Mariluce Paes de Souza
Paul Chamberlain, Mike Toye, Geneviève Huot, Émilien Gruet
Mamadou Goïta, Madani Koumare
Samuel Barco Serrano
Susan Steinman, Jerome van Rooij

From our archives

Nancy Neamtan
Lucie Dumais, Annie Camus, Jean-Marie Tremblay
Giancarlo Canzanelli, Marguerite Mendell